3.28.2015 | Various - Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack: A little too slick on the production.

Various - Treme, Music from the Series, Seasons 1 and 2: I really, really miss this show.

3.26.2015 | Various - Standing in the Shadows of Motown: Greatly looking forward to the film.

Uncle Tupelo - No Depression: Love the more upbeat songs. Some more than Wilco.

Usurp Synapse - Disinformation Fix: Unrelenting screamo for when you are in the mood.

3.24.2015 | Trash Talk - No Peace: Fantastic production, especially for what is essentially a hardcore album, but needs more listens

U.S. Bombs - Generation Kennedy No More: What the doc on Duane Peters. Worth it.

TS And The Past Haunts - Heart Attack: More Piebald, please.

Trash Talk - No Peace: Fantastic production, especially for what is essentially a hardcore album, but needs more listens

Pete Townshend - Empty Glass: Not The Who, but still pretty good.

3.20.2015 | Touche Amore - Is Survived By: GREAT first half. Love the desperation in the vocals.

Tool - Lateralus: I should have listened to this a long, long time ago.

Tool - Salival: Nice to have, but not essential.

Tool - Aenima: Firmly in the progressive rock genre. Top 5 for me.

3.19.2015 | Tool - 72826/Opiate: You can hear the beginnings of what would become.

Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield: Run of the mill.

Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden: I get the comparisons to Slint's style, but it is more than that.

Silver Mt. Zion - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything: I love the direction they have taken themselves in recent years.

Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden: I get the comparisons to Slint's style, but it is more than that.

Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is: I really enjoyed this. Certainly more on first listen than most of their releases.

Sundowner - Neon Fiction: I keep coming back for more.

Jonathan Stewart - Droning: Not really my thing.

Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes: Always seems to disappoint me.

3.08.2015 | Sheer Terror - Just Can't Hate Enough: This is great.

Solution Unknown - Discography: Great on its own. Even better in context.

Slint - Spiderland Remaster Bonus: Fascinating look. Wish there were more.

Shark? - True Waste: Great live band. Good enough studio output.

Saosin - In Search of Solid Ground: Musically between Coheed and Silversun. Easy to see the reason for attachment.

Sam Black Church - Let In Life: I weep for early '90s hardcore.

Safe and Sound - The Tides: Pretty good hardcore.

2.26.2015 | Lou Reed - Animal Serenade: I wish I could have seen him play.

Lou Reed - The Blue Mask: Every note, every syllable hangs with anticipation.

Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby: Where has this been all my life?

The Ramones - The Ramones/Rocket To Russia: Biopic gives me new appreciation for the band, beginning with these albums.

Chuck Ragan - 'til Midnight: Drawing from the best of his influences to make a great solo album.

Pusha T - My Name Is My Name: Well, now I know who was keeping Clipse afloat.

Of Montreal - Lousy With Sylvianbriar: Their best since Hissing Fauna.

2.22.2015 | Matt Pryor and James Dewees - EP: These guys need to work together more.

Matt Pryor - Wrist Slitter: My favorite of his solo albums.

Matt Pryor - Still, There's A Light: Great collection of B-Sides.

Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus: Less idiosyncratic, more awesome.

Orchid - Totality: Love it.

Orchid - Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!: Screamo at its finest.

One Small Step For Landmines - If You Could Get Over Me: Great acoustic songs.

One Small Step For Landmines - S/T: Less early-Saves The Day than their split with Davenport Cabinet.

Okkervil River - Silvery Gymnasium: This may be my favorite of theirs.

Connor Oberst - Upside Down Mountain: Feels very personal.

2.18.2015 | OFF! - Wasted Years: More of the same. Which is fine with me.

Nothing - Guilty of Everything: I need to be in the right headspace for shoegaze. I was not there for this.

Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks: I just cannot seem to care enough about what they do.

New Amsterdams - Outroduction: Some day, Matt Pryor will get his due in larger circles.

Mr. Little Jeans - Pocketknife: Not for me.

Mott The Hoople - Al The Young Dudes: Classic title track lives up to the hype.

Paul McCartney - New: Legends get more leeway in consideration for future listens.

Los Saicos - Demolicion The Complete Recordings: Death redux this is not. Worth listening this is.

2.07.2015 | Majority Rule - Emergency Numbers: Less hardcore, more avant garde.

Majority Rule - Interviews With David Frost: City of Caterpillar is now missed less.

Macklemore - The Heist: Overhyped.

Lorde - Pure Heroine: Considering the attention, I was expecting more.

Leaves - See You In The Afterglow: Always good.

1.19.2015 | Lawrence Arms - Metropole: Less than a stand out, more than a fill in.

Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull: Stadium rock that can be skipped.

Kay Dot - Hubardo: Greatness from a hit-or-miss band.

Joan Jett - Unvarnished: Meh from beginning to end.

Into It. Over It. - Intersections: Good, but not as much as Proper.

1.16.2015 | Into It. Over It. - Proper: Does not do the live show justice.

I Am The Avalanche - Wolverines: Nothing unexpected.

Hotelier - Home, Like NoPlace Is There: Great first track makes way for good rest of the album.

1.09.2015 | Tony Molina - Dissed And Dismissed: So simple, so great.

12.21.2014 | Hold Steady - Teeth Dreams: Not even close to Boys & Girls In America.

Haim - Days Are Gone: Some really, really great tracks on here.

Green Day - Demolicios: Exactly what should have been released.

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