2.20.2018 | LCD Soundsystem - American Dream: Some Talking Heads influence at times, but on the whole I am just not invested.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Sketches of Brunswick East: Something new from them and i need to recalibrate.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland: Unreal how they keep churning out above average all year long.

Hot Water Music - Light It Up: Yup, this is Hot Water Music.

Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins: I think I missed the boat for this to be interesting.

Gogol Bordello - Seekers and Finders: Gets a little plodding towards the end.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers: Always find ways to captivate.

Aby Gnana Diop - Liital: Looking for something fundamentally sound but wildly weird?

GlassJaw - Material Control: Still cannot get into these guys.

The Front Bottoms - Going Grey: What a dissapointing turn.

Friend Enemy - 10 Songs: Confounding.

Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold: Their most Floydian outing.

Feu Therese - Ca Va Cogner: Major Le Fly Pan Am vibes, in a good way.

Emperor X - Oversleepers International: Do not remember them sounding so much like The Mountain Goats, but glad to find out now.

Jeff Rosenstock - Post-: I give this album 9 out of 10.

American Nightmare - American Nightmare: Clean production holds it back, but these are going to rip live.

1.27.2018 | Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series, Vol. 13, Trouble No More: Shining a bright light on an oft-ridiculed time of his career and making it a highlight seems to be a trick Dylan Inc seems to flourish with.

David Dondero - With Love: Pretty standard singer/songwriter tracks.

Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions: Such a strong opening track!

Dion - Kickin' Child- The Lost Album: Glad this was found. Worth a listen.

Deerhoof - Mountain Moves: I always get confused by the myriad of Deer/Dear bands. I think this is my least favorite.

Death From Above - Outrage! Is Now: Would not have guessed this was DFA1979.

The Darkness - Pinewood Smile: You already know if you are going to like this.

Billy Corgan - Ogilala: Surprised this was slept on last year. Really solid.

Converge - The Dusk In Us: Forever challenging themselves into interesting directions.

Cocteau Twins - Treasure: I always assumed this was more electronic.

The Clientele - Music For The Age of Miracles: Underrated.

Circa Survive - The Amulet: Requires a lot of commitment.

Chonny and Clyde: Non-essential.

Burn - Do Or Die: I might like this better than their original output.

The Bronx - V: So glad they are back.

Carla Bonzulich - Evangelista: Weird enough that you want to revisit, but not sure how soon.

Bjork - Utopia: Longer that it needed to be.

Chuck Berry - Chuck: Not revelatory, but nice to have.

Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights: Solid follow-up.

American Standard - Wonderland: Great melodic hardcore from the late '80s.

12.25.2017 | TWIABPAIANLATD - Harmlessness: Tried too hard to outdo themselves.

TWIABPAIANLATD - Whenever, If Ever: Worth a listen if you can get past the pretentious band name.

Wavves - You're Welcome: Another solid album.

Van Pelt - Sultans Of Sentiments: Now this is something special.

Transit - Listen and Forgive: Fine pop-punk album that leans a little heavy to the former.

Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw: One of the best albums of the emo revival.

Sunday's Best - The Californian: Straight forward pop rock album.

Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted: Widely praised, but needs multiple listens.

Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle.jpg: Miss Modern Baseball, excited for this full length.

Rozwell Kid - Precious Art: For fans of Jeff Rosenstock.

Rancid - Trouble Maker: Feels so generic.

12.09.2017 | Protester - Hide From Reality: Another solid seven inch.

Priests - Nothing Feels Natural: Stunning.

Portugal. The Man - Woodstock: So many hit singles on this.

Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You: Lost in an avalanche of the emo revival, it can be hard to navigate the deluge. Not sure this is worth the detour.

Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel - I Can Sping A Rainbow: Can appreciate it for its art if nothing more.

Owls - Owls: No Cap'n Jazz, but damn if it is not good enough.

Nervous Cop - Nervous Cop: Zach Hill continues to impress.

Native Nod - Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World: Slint meets Cap'n Jazz and it is glorious.

Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me: Brutal emotion.

Moose Blood - I'll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time: Cross between Front Bottoms and Hotelier.

Machine Girl - WLFGRL: For fans of Death Grip's music sans the vocals.

Lorde - Melodrama: Comes across far too formulaic.

Joan of Arc - How Memory Works: There is a lot to unpack here.

Jay-Z - 4:44: I continue to listen more out of obligation than genuine interest.

The I.L.Y.'s - Bodyguard: Their best work.

Ho99o9 - United States of Horror: Some interesting bits, but the whole tries too hard.

11.17.2017 | Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back: A little too on the nose.

Give - Sonic Bloom: The more I listen, the more they become my favorite modern hardcore band.

Gates - Bloom & Breathe: With so much great emo/rock around, pretty easy to skip.

Fucked Up - Year of the Snake: As much as I like their LPs, the EPs always stay with me longer.

Free - Ex Tenebris: It is no Have Heart, but not really trying to be.

Foxing - The Alabatross: Too dense to pass judgement.

FM359 - Truth, Love and Liberty: Early Dropkick Murphys' slower songs are the foundation.

Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up: Still early, but liking it better than their last.

Fifteen - The Choice of a New Generation: A perfectly fine pop-punk album.

Elder - Reflections on a Floating World: Drags on a bit too long.

Edgewise - Angels and Addicts: Glad they are back.

The Drums - Abysmal Thoughts: Abysmal is mildly hyperbolic.

Allison Crutchfield - Tourist In This Town: Worthy of additional visits.

clipping. - Wriggle: Their best release yet.

Citizen Youth: For fans of Hotelier and Title Fight.

11.09.2017 | Crimsphrine - Duct Tape Soup: Poor recording quality likely impacts its enjoyability.

Charly Bliss - Guppy: Great power-pop with chirpy female vocals.

Big Boi - Boomiverse: The hip-hop universe appears to be passing him by.

Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song: Fantastic album that feels like an instant classic.

Arcade Fire - Everything Now: Not as dire as others may have indicated.

Anti-Heros - American Pie: Solid four chord punk from the mid-90s.

Animals As Leaders - Animals As Leaders: Too quick to get into a groove without not enough space.

Alt-J - Relaxer: Very unexpected.

8.18.2017 | Brand New - Science Fiction: Stunning and worth the wait.

8.14.2017 | Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey: Not as engaging as I am expecting their live show to be.

Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder: This one is going to take some time to digest.

8.11.2017 | YDI - Out For Blood: Nothing that resonates.

8.10.2017 | X-Japan - Blue Blood: Was not expecting each song to sound so similar.

Xiu Xiu - Plays the Music of Twin Peaks: This sas way better than it should be.

Wear Your Wounds - WYW: There is a really good album, or maybe long EP, in here.

Vietnam - Vietnam (1985): A lost (to me) classic.

Verlaines - Bird Dog: Enough to warrant a second listen.

Various - Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans: A great one-time novelty listen.

Various - Ramshackle Glory/Ghost Mice: Now I need to dig into Ghsot Mice.

Various - Bomb the Music Industry/Laura Stevenson: BtMI side is fantastic.

Various - Bomb the Music Industry!/O Pioneers: Great pairing

Various - The Syness Clinic/Everyone Asked About You: Mostly forgettable emo from the late '90s.

Unwound - Repetition: I just did not get it.

Unbroken - It's Getting Tougher: Odds and ends that are worth a listen.

Unbroken - Life. Love. Regret.: Not nearly as good as Ritual, but still pretty great.

Unbroken - Ritual: Where has this been all of my life?!

Udusic - Ugly: Intriguing hardcore.

True Love - Heaven's Too Good For Us: It is no Background Music, but I will certainly take it.

True Love - Floral Note/New Young Gods: Great American Nightmare-inspired band.

James Supercave - Better Strange: Wish I had context for why I queued this underwhelming album.

Sun Kil Moon - Common As Light: Long. Very long.

Sorority Noise - You're Not As ______ As You Think: Modern emo at its finest.

Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You: The Hold Steady for the The Get Up Kids crowd.

Slow Fire Pistol - Demo/Moment of Clarity: Looking forward to more from this solid screamo band.

Slowdive - Slowdive: I think I need to revisit their old material.

7.29.2017 | Skewbald Grand Union - Skewbald Grand Union: Two songs is not enough

The Shins - Heartwoms: Nice return to form.

Sense Field - To End A Letter: For completists.

Sense Field - Living Outside: Certainly fatiguing.

Sense Field - Tonight and Forever: A little too slick for its own good.

Sense Field - Building: This should have been huge on the radio.

Sense Field - Killed For Less: Still a bit too rough around the edges.

Sense Field - Sense Field: Looking forward to more form this melodically-inclined hardcore-adjacent band.

Saxon Shore - The Exquisite Death Of: Just shy of post-rock, but a hell of a great instrumental album.

Samiam - Clumsy: How was this not bigger in the era post-Dookie?

Run The Jewels - 3: Almost too consistent.

Rudimentary Peni - Death Church: Early '80s punk in all of its low-fi glory.

Jeff Rosenstock - Live and Acoustic at Vinyl Paradies: Now I need to see him.

Ritual Mess - Vile Art: Wow, this is the best screamo album I have heard in a long time.

Ritual Mess - Ritual Mess: Successfully piqued my screamo interests.

Remo Drive - Greatest Hits: Part Weezer, part Get Up Kids, all pretty awesome.

7.22.2017 | Reason To Believe - When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance: More pop-punk than DC.

Reason to Believe - Demo/Next Door: Very DC-reminiscent melodic hardcore.

Ramshackle Glory - Who are your friends gonna be?: A little too Rehearsing My Choir.

Raekwon - The Wild: He and Ghostface just keep killing it.

Matt Pryor - Memento Mori: His most somber set of songs ever.

Protester - Demo/Protester/No Identity: Great hardcore that sounds both new and old.

Open City - Open City: More abrasive than I was anticipating.

Praise - Leave it All Behind: Almost too polished.

of Montreal - Rune Husk: When they hang it up, there will be so much to sift through for a greatest hits.

Conor Oberst - Salutations: So glad this exists, but prefer the originals in most cases.

Nine Inch Nails - Not The Actual Events: Really starting to like the EP format for them.

New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick: Less punk than anything they have ever released.

Narco Debut - Garden Dreams: The SSTB comparisons are warranted.

Mark Mulcahy - The Possum in the Driveway: Always worth listening to.

Mountain Goats - Goths: Best album since Sunset Tree.

6.30.2017 | John Moreland - Big Bad Luv: Sucked in by a charasmatic review, it is nothing to write home about.

Mom Jeans - Best Buds: Excellent album in the crowded emo revival field.

The Menzingers - After The Party: This is not getting the hype it deserves.

Jordaan Mason - Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head: Not sure I get the NMH vibe that has been described, but it is certainly captivating.

Sondre Lerche - Pleasure: Not just another solid Sondre album, the formula is tweaked just enough to make refreshing.

Jens Lekman - Pleasure: Mesmerizing melodies.

Labradors - The Great Maybe: Missing something that was on their EP.

Labradors - Hate Summer: Come for the Kanye cover, stay for the rest.

6.23.2017 | KRS-One - The World Is Mind: Reminding everyone that the fundamentals of hip-hop done properly can still be compelling.

Kiss - Alive!: Good to know they were a real rock band underneath it all.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe: Album of the year so far and it is not really close.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana: Excellent follow-up to Nonagon.

Tim Kasher - No Resolution: Fair or not (the latter more likely), I will forever measure his albums against The Ugly Organ and this one does not compete.

Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and Joy: I might like this more than their original albums.

Japandroids - Near to the Wild Heart of Life: A much slower burn than their debut, but I think it will be worth it in time.

I Love Your Lifestyle - We Go Way Back: Decent, but not extraordinary album from the emo revival.

Zach Hill - Face Tat: I do not think I would have appreciated this prior to Death Grips, but I sure do now.

Heart on My Sleeve - In The Midst Of Hope and Nothingness: Screamo full of desperation and break-at-any-moment. Not quite to Cap'n Jazz level, but akin enough.

Have a Nice Life - The Unnatural World: Amazing post-punk album.

Gray Matter - Thog: Completely skippable.

Gray Matter - Take It Back: Not quite at the same level.

Gray Matter - Food For Thought: A classic-sounding hardcore-adjacent album.

Glocca Morra - Just Married: Decent emo revival, but too much competition.

Give - Electric Flower Cult: One of the best bands in "hardcore"

Giants Chair - Purity and Control: Fantastic follow-up.

Giants Chair - Red and Clear: Heaviner, less melodic Get Up Kids and it is great.

Fit For Abuse - Too Little, Too Late: No it is not.

Fit For Abuse - Pysco Ray Sessions: Glad to finally own these on vinyl.

Craig Finn - We All Want The Same Thing: His most un-Hold Steady solo album yet. For better or worse.

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy: Enough really great stuff to come back to. Might be better as two EPs though.

Everyone Asked About You - Let's Be Enemies: Decent return to form.

Everyone Asked About You - Memory Fails Me Sometimes: A little more polished takes away some of the charm.

Everyone Asked About You - Everyone Asked About You: Had to do a double take on release date because it sounded too 90's emo.

Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby: Not quite as captivating.

Bill Evans - Sunday at the Village Vanguard: Captivating jazz.

Elbow - Little Fictions: Consistent, but can see why it is not getting as much coverage as previous outings.

Bob Dylan - Triplicate: I would listen to just about anything he puts out with regularity.

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