11.30.2010 |

TS And Past Haunts - EP: No substitute for a new Piebald album, but far from terrible.

System Of A Down - Toxicity: Easily the best nu metal album I've ever heard. Still a few tracks too long.

11.29.2010 |

Off - Four EPs: Fantastic early Black Flag.

Go Rydell - The Golden Age: A bit more gravelly but an easy substitute for those missing Kid Dynamite. I know I am.

Beatles - Decca Audition: Historically essential, but nothing more.

11.24.2010 |

My Chemical Romance - Danger Days: Drops remaining pretense of being a punk band, opting for a pop album. And it's fantastic.

11.18.2010 |

Jordaan Mason And Horse Museum - Divorce Lawyers: Obviously NMH inspired, but without any if the euphoria it's a tough listen.

11.17.2010 |

Crazy Arm - Born To Ruin: Modern Against Me! without the arena-level hooks.

11.16.2010 |

Kanye West - Beautiful Twisted Fantasy: Somewhere in the middle it lost me and was never able to recover.

11.02.2010 |

Wovenhand - The Threshing Floor: Another solid album for fans of Califone.

Tom Waits - Closing Time: Sometimes perfect execution can mask a lack of innovation.

11.01.2010 |

Vampire Weekend - Contra: Epitome of a sophmore slump, failing to achieve any of the high water marks found on their debut.

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