5.29.2015 | Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again: Now we are getting somewhere.

Joyce Manor - Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired: Tough to tell when self titled ended and this began.

Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor: I guess I was expecting more considering the press attention.

Bessie Jones - Get In Union: Sometimes all you need is the passion.

Jazz June - They Love Those Who Make the Music: Cap'n Jazz meets Texas is the Reason and I swoon.

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast: No more will I ridicule the band.

Interpol - El Pintor: Big shoes from Bright Lights still not filled, but this is best attempt.

Insect Trust - Insect Trust: Some albums are lost classics, but not this one.

Lia Ices - Ices: Completely forgettable.

Iceage - Plowing Into the Field of Love: Not nearly as compelling as earlier works.

5.23.2015 | Hot Rod Circuit - If It's Cool With You: Far better than I gave them credit for when this came out.

Mary Hopkin - Postcard: Pretty great singer from 60s.

Hey Mercedes - Loses Control: Straight up pop. Wonder why they did not get bigger.

Have Heart - What Counts/Things We Carry: Still do not get the fuss. Good, but not great.

Hallelujah the Hills - Have You Ever Done Something Evil: Closest Forgot It In People ripoff I have heard. Awesome.

Gun Club - Fire of Love: Glorious post-punk.

Godspeed! You Black Emperor - Asunder: At the head of the class for a reason with no relinquishment in sight.

Go! Team - The Scene Between: This is where I depart from caring about their future releases.

Give - Electric Flower Circus: Like it, but the vocals are mixed a bit too prominently.

Ghostface Killah - 36 Seasons: He just keeps killing it with every release.

Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt: I miss the '59 sound.

Future Islands - Singles: Not as bad I was expecting, but only a few tracks I really got into.

Fugazi - First Demo: I was not ready for this earlier in my life. I am now.

Fucked Up - Glass Boys: Slow version is leaps and bounds better than an already-awesome album. Like BOTT half-speed.

Front Bottoms - Talon of the Hawk: Is this not the Hold Steady?

5.17.2015 | Front Bottoms - Front Bottoms: Closest band, from presentation perspective, would be Hold Steady.

Front Bottoms - I Hate My Friends: Earnest like early Saves the Day, Brand New, and Dashboard Confessional.

Front Bottoms - My Grandma vs Pneumonia: Transitional album from earnest minimalism to full time band.

Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways: Great concept, looking forward to watching the documentary, but mediocre results.

Field Report - Marigolden: Great little indie band.

Father John Misty - I Love You Honeybear: Outdoing an excellent debut is hard to do, but mission accomplished.

Father - Young Hot Ebony: Hip-hop continues to innovate at a pace I did not anticipate.

Roky Erickson - I Have Always Been Here: Certainly hit-or-miss, but looking forward to digging deeper.

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten: Traditional emo done very well.

5.08.2015 | DRI - Dealing With It: Was expecting more from a genre-defining album.

Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia: Such a captivating singer in everything she does.

Dream Theater - Metropolis, Part 2; Scenes From a Memory: Not normally one for prog rock, this floored me.

Drake - If You're Reading This, It's Too Late: Throwaway tracks as intended.

5.05.2015 | Mac Demarco - Salad Days: I fought it for a while, but I get it now. Where can I get more?

Kevin Devine - Bulldozer: Such a letdown coming off Bubblegum.

Kevin Devine - Bubblegum: Bigger is better for the songwriter.

Devil Makes Three - I'm a Stranger Here: Mixing country, bluegrass, and folky-punk does not work on disc, but could be great live.

Decemberists - What a Terrible/Beautiful World: Always enjoyable, but not as great as King is Dead.

Death Grips - Jenny Death: Huge payoff when listening right after Fashion Week and Niggas on the Moon.

Death Grips - Niggas on the Moon: Their "acoustic" album as things get quieter and less chaotic.

Death Grips - Fashion Week: My least favorite release from them, but if someone puts words on top I could be swayed.

Davenport Cabinet - Damned Renegades: My favorite current classic rock album. Needs to tour with Blitzen Trapper.

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Lose: Stopgap from where they came from to where they want to go.

The Cramps - Songs the Lord Taught Us: Pyschobilly is perfect characterization.

Crain - Heater: Less Spiderland, more traditional.

Crain - Speed: Undeniable Spiderland influence in the best way possible.

Consolation Prize - Consolation Prize: Not exactly hardcore, but not exactly hard rock.

Codeine - Frigid Stars/Barely Real: Slowcore not always my thing, but deserves another listen.

Code Orange - I Am King: Huge step forward for the band.

Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere: Pretty good, but far from great.

Clipping - Clppng: Death Grips lite is not a bad comparison, but it tries too hard at times and goes too long.

Circulatory System - Mosaics Within Mosaics: Sometimes hit-or-miss, but this one is a huge hit.

Circa Survive - On Letting Go: Glorious amalgamation of Mars Volta, Coheed, and Silversun Pickups.

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