10.31.2003 | Review(s): Boxhead Ensemble

The Boxhead Ensemble - Niagara Falls EP: Once again, a film score that lacks any reason for me to listen to it outside of a movie theater.

10.29.2003 | Review(s): Boxhead Ensemble

The Boxhead Ensemble - Dutch Harbor: Where The Sea Breaks Its Back: A film score without the film is generally a bad idea. This disc supports this theory.

10.27.2003 | Review(s): Azusa Plane x6, Ben Kweller x2

The Azusa Plane - The Highway's Jammed With Broken Heroes: Annoying loops layered with the guitar work of a 4-year old.

The Azusa Plane - Jacques Offenbach's Opera Efforts: More terrible music from, you guessed it, The Azusa Plane. Luckily, I only have a few more of his/their material to sit through.

The Azusa Plane - Last Of The Electronic Playboys: Should be entitled "An Ode to the Many Sounds of My Fishtank".

The Azusa Plane - Lou, Nico, Sterling, John And Maureen/This Is Not Spacerock: Awfully boring music. At least I know who to blame now.

The Azusa Plane - Result Dies With The Worker: The first semi-interesting piece of work from him/them, yet it still won't see my CD player any time soon.

The Azusa Plane - Tycho Magnetic Anomoly And The Full Consciousness Of Hidden Harmon: Did you ever see the movie 24 Hour Party People? No? Well, in it, the character Martin Hannett is an insane producer who we see recording silence atop a mountain. I do believe that The Azusa Plane has stolen his master tapes and added distortion to them.

Ben Kweller - Phone Home EP: A solid singer-songwriter whose sound has found himself a home in a side project called The Bens (Ben Folds, Ben Lee and the aforementioned Kweller). Satire and sarcasm-filled dream pop (or is it indie pop?) with requisite doses of heartbreak and growing pains.

Ben Kweller - Freak Out, It's....Ben Kweller: Even less fair is this Kweller release. Comprising only 3 (out of 8) song that do not appear on "Sha Sha". BK Baby is the best use of a Vanilla Ice song ever.

10.26.2003 | Review(s): Azusa Plane x2

The Azusa Plane - Cheltenham 10": Refrigerator buzz of the future. The future doesn't look so bright.

The Azusa Plane - Fender & Moog- A Study of Two Distinct Qualifiers: This time, the refrigerator is outside. I love nature and all, but not to the soundtrack of my refrigerator.

10.23.2003 | Review(s): Azusa Plane

The Azusa Plane - America Is Dreaming of Universal String Theory: Was it Thom Yorke that said something about 'refrigerator buzz'? If so, he must have listened to this album before I did.

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