8.31.2007 | Review: Goodnight Loving - Crooked Lake:

Upon first listen I couldn't tell if this was the same band that released Cemetery Trails, but it is. Just don't hold that against it, because they've released a relentless country-tinged punk album that was a breathe of fresh air.

  • TheirSpace (which contains four tracks)
  • Purchase for less than $10 when it becomes available

  • 8.30.2007 | Review: The Forms - Icarus:

    Upon first listen it's like modern day 'emo' but way heavier and without that high-pitched off-key whiny voice. In other words, it's good.

  • TheirSpace
  • Stream the entire album
  • Purchase for $9.88

  • 8.29.2007 | Review: Bryan Ferry - Dylanesque:

    Upon first listen Ferry does a good job of covering Dylan when he's quiet and seemingly alone. When he tries to get all big band with slick production it just fails. Miserably.

  • HisSpace
  • Stream clips from the entire album
  • Purchase for $12.89

  • 8.28.2007 | Review: Dr. Hook - Greatest Hooks:

    Upon first listen I easily grabbed hold of their big singles without having heard them before (Cover of the Rolling Stone and Sylvia's Mother). Most of the rest of it is cheesy love songs and aren't really worth listening to.

  • TheirSpace
  • Stream Sylvia's Mother (among others)
  • Purchase for $12.77

  • 8.27.2007 | Review: Desert Fathers - The Spirituality:

    Upon first listen this genre-defying band manages to successfully channel both Sonic Youth and Slint. Sign me up.

  • Stream the entire album
  • Purchase for $12.99 (or check eBay, where I grabbed my copy for $.65 plus $3 in shipping)

  • 8.24.2007 | Review: Architecture in Helsinki - Places Like This:

    Upon first listen it seems as though they dialed down the quirkiness which makes it much more listenable than In Case We Die, but nonetheless unenjoyable.

  • TheirSpace
  • Stream the entire album
  • Purchase for $10.93

  • 8.23.2007 | Review: Common - Finding Forever:

    Upon first listen it's lost some of the obnoxious production found on Be and found it's way being the best hip-hop album of the year. So far.

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  • Stream most of the album
  • Purchase for $7.99

  • 8.22.2007 | Review: Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight:

    Upon first listen I'm really suprised that a lot of people didn't predict an album like this coming from Rilo Kiley. If, after Execution and Adventurous, you couldn't tell that they were on a path to modern pop, you should be ashamed. They've lost some of their quirkiness and honesty as well as a good portion of their fanbase. But it works. Kind of. Sometimes. Not on Under The Blacklight or Dejalo. And a couple others. But the first three tracks are really good.

  • TheirSpace
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  • Purchase for $12.49

  • 8.21.2007 | Review: Charles Mingus Sextet - Cornell 1964:

    Upon first listen there were only a few times when this sextet made me stand up and take notice. And that's not enough for a two-disc live experience.

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  • Stream most of the album
  • Purchase for $17.41

  • 8.20.2007 | Review: Blondie - Eat to the Beat:

    Upon first listen I still think it's fair to lump them in with '80s pop, but less so.

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  • Purchase for $7.45

  • 8.13.2007 | Other Projects

    Not ignoring the site, I've just been busy with one of my other projects: http://penguinvirgin.blogspot.com

    Also, just discovered Facebook. Never really cared before because I figured it was just like MySpace. It kind of is, but it's like MySpace on steroids. And really, I just use it to play Scrabble with my wife and sister.

    I have been listening to new music, but mostly stuff that doesn't come out for a few more weeks. I should resume updates by the end of the week.

    8.08.2007 | Review: Voxtrot - Voxtrot:

    Upon first listen it's entirely adequate indie rock album but offers nothing new or compelling.

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  • 8.07.2007 | Review: Various - Warm and Scratchy:

    Upon first listen this free album from the [adult swim] camp collects new tracks from a wide array of indie-rock stalwarts in addition to a few bands on the horizon. The album itself flows very well despite the amalgamation of artists and styles, which was the most surprising. And while I didn't enjoy all of the songs, a found a couple new artists I want to check out, which is the best reason to grab this free sampler.

  • Stream and Download the entire album

  • 8.06.2007 | Review: The Terrible Twos - If You Ever See An Owl:

    Upon first listen I have always been a big fan of Matt Pryor's voice and I will listen to just about anything he puts out. Still, an album for childrens's songs? I was a bit skeptical. It only took until the really great When I Get To Eleven to make me a convert. And while the rest of the album has some misses (though likely approriate for the target audience) this is one fine album.

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  • Purchase for $10.48

  • 8.03.2007 | Review: Talk Talk - Laughing Stock:

    Upon first listen we have a new contender for the Most Sleep Inducing Album.

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  • Purchase for $6.80

  • 8.02.2007 | Review: Pelican - City of Echoes:

    Upon first listen the best parts are when they get loud and some more metal and there just isn't enough of those times for me to enjoy this, though I can see why people like it.

  • TheirSpace
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  • Purchase for $11.48

  • 8.01.2007 | Review: Parts & Labor - Mapmaker:

    Upon first listen I was very excited after the first few tracks, but as the album continued I found myself bored. It's decent, but not earth-shattering or even compelling pop-punk meets indie rock.

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