5.04.2004 | Review(s): Sufjan Stevens, Sun Kil Moon, Supertouch

Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans: I'm really, really starting to like Sufjan Stevens. I look forward to hearing more.

Sun Kil Moon - Ghost Of The Great Highway: It won't change the world, but I enjoyed it.

Supertouch - The Earth Is Flat: The level of enjoyability is flat.
(* date unkown)

5.03.2004 | Review(s): This Bike Is A Pipebomb, Tina, Age 13, Spoon

This Bike Is A Pipebomb - Dance Party With: This sounds like a wonderful sing-along record, except that I cannot understand the words.

Tina, Age 13 - The Alcoholic Father of my Inner Child: Broken Rekids turns out a mediocre disc with flashes of greatness.

Spoon - Girls Can Tell: Songs 1-2.5: This is pretty good, but I don't know if it has much lasting appeal. Songs 2.5-11: This is such shit, it sounds exactly like Koufax, one of the worst bands ever.
(* date unkown)

5.02.2004 | Review(s): The Tyrades, Tortoise, This Bike Is A Pipebomb

The Tyrades - The Tyrades: Punk in general is boring. For whatever reason this female-fronted group manages to keep it interesting. It no suprise that it's on Broken Rekids.

Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die: I wasn't bored.

This Bike Is A Pipebomb - Front Seat Solidarity: A more laid-back effort with clearer words.
(* date unkown)

5.01.2004 | Review(s): Cold Mountain OST, Requiem For A Dream OST, Unit Pride

Various Artists - Cold Mountain Soundtrack: This would be awesome if it had any flow whatsoever.

Various Artsits - Requiem For A Dream: If I didn't love the movie, I wouldn't like the soundtrack.

Unit Pride - Then And Now: Back then, it was good to be really fast. Now, however, it just sounds incomprehensible and you wonder why people liked it in the first place.
(* date unkown)

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