Cassie - Cassie: A great R&B/hip-hop album that seems lost to time.

Car Seat Headrest - Non-Teens of Denial Discography: http://uproxx.com/music/car-seat-headrest-bandcamp-albums/

Career Suicide - Anthology 1 and 2: Decent, but not particularly special when taken all at once.

Cannae - Demo: I wish there was more.

Campaign - Enemies: Still not sure why these guys are not bigger.

Buffalo Clover - Test Your Love: A little too much deviation from their winning formula.

Buffalo Clover - Low Down Time: An improvement on a good debut.

Buffalo Clover - Pick Your Poison: I will pick her over him.

Buena Vista Social Club - Buena Vista Social Club: A bit long, but enough to warrant repeat listens.

Jeff Buckley - Grace: So much more, and better, than what is a great cover.

Boxer - The Hurt Process: Kid Dyanmite/Lifetime-influenced and awesome.

Blitz - Voice of a Generation: Classic oi! album.