12.21.2007 | Review: Various - Instant Karma: The Campaign For Darfur:

Upon first listen I'm not as familiar as I should be with Lennon's solo stuff as I should be. Still most of these covers work very well.

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  • 12.20.2007 | Reviews: OK Computer Turned Ten

    Various - Hypeful.com Presents...Ten OK Years: Upon first listen it turns out to be pretty difficult to ruin a Radiohead song. Especially instrumentally.

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    Various - Stereogum.com Presents...OKX: Upon first listen the songs are a bit more cohesive sounding, but more drawn out. I think if you mixed this outing with Hypeful's you could get a very satisfactory album.

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  • 12.19.2007 | Review: Two Gallants - Two Gallants:

    Upon first listen it doesn't have a Steady Rolling or Las Cruces Jail, but what it does have is really good.

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  • 12.18.2007 | Review: Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus!:

    Upon first listen it just wasn't what I expected. For better or worse.

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  • 12.17.2007 | Review: Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover:

    Upon first listen I keep coming back to Spencer Krug, yet leave unimpressed every time.

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  • 12.14.2007 | Review: New Pornagraphers - Twin Cinema:

    Upon first listen if you like any kind of indie rock it will be extremely difficult to not like this album.

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  • 12.13.2007 | Review: Bruce Springsteen - Magic:

    Upon first listen this is the album that makes me a Springsteen fan.

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  • 12.12.2007 | Review: REM - Automatic for the People:

    Upon first listen I figured it was time to finally get a copy of this seminal album. Especially as we passed the fifteen year mark since its release. I would have grabbed it sooner if someone would have told me how much it sounded like Polaris (or vice versa). I just wish it didn't have some many huge hits (Nightswimmer, Everybody Hurts) because it detracts from the flow of the non-singles.

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  • 12.10.2007 | Review: PJ Harvey - White Chalk:

    Upon first listen most of it is rather sleep-inducing and the rest just seems annoying. Perhaps if I had invested myself in some of her previous work this would have been easier to listen to.

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  • 12.07.2007 | Review: Paul Butterfield Blues Band - East/West:

    Upon first listen I usually despise the masturbatory guitar solo, but this blues-rock album, which has a few of them, is really, really good. How have I never come across them before?

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  • 12.06.2007 | Review: New Buffalo - Somewhere, Anywhere:

    Upon first listen I like her debut, The Last Beautiful Day, enough to check out her follow-up. I like her follow-up enough to go back and check out her debut again, but probably not the follow-up.

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