12.25.2017 | TWIABPAIANLATD - Harmlessness: Tried too hard to outdo themselves.

TWIABPAIANLATD - Whenever, If Ever: Worth a listen if you can get past the pretentious band name.

Wavves - You're Welcome: Another solid album.

Van Pelt - Sultans Of Sentiments: Now this is something special.

Transit - Listen and Forgive: Fine pop-punk album that leans a little heavy to the former.

Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw: One of the best albums of the emo revival.

Sunday's Best - The Californian: Straight forward pop rock album.

Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted: Widely praised, but needs multiple listens.

Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle.jpg: Miss Modern Baseball, excited for this full length.

Rozwell Kid - Precious Art: For fans of Jeff Rosenstock.

Rancid - Trouble Maker: Feels so generic.

12.09.2017 | Protester - Hide From Reality: Another solid seven inch.

Priests - Nothing Feels Natural: Stunning.

Portugal. The Man - Woodstock: So many hit singles on this.

Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You: Lost in an avalanche of the emo revival, it can be hard to navigate the deluge. Not sure this is worth the detour.

Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel - I Can Sping A Rainbow: Can appreciate it for its art if nothing more.

Owls - Owls: No Cap'n Jazz, but damn if it is not good enough.

Nervous Cop - Nervous Cop: Zach Hill continues to impress.

Native Nod - Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World: Slint meets Cap'n Jazz and it is glorious.

Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me: Brutal emotion.

Moose Blood - I'll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time: Cross between Front Bottoms and Hotelier.

Machine Girl - WLFGRL: For fans of Death Grip's music sans the vocals.

Lorde - Melodrama: Comes across far too formulaic.

Joan of Arc - How Memory Works: There is a lot to unpack here.

Jay-Z - 4:44: I continue to listen more out of obligation than genuine interest.

The I.L.Y.'s - Bodyguard: Their best work.

Ho99o9 - United States of Horror: Some interesting bits, but the whole tries too hard.

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