4.28.2006 | Review: Heavy Blinkers - The Night And I Are Still So Young:

Upon first listen this band's '60s-styled pyschadelic pop would be a great addition to the Elephant 6 Collective.

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  • 4.27.2006 | Review: Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea;

    Upon first listen it's more listenable than Rehearsing My Choir, but doesn't strike the same chords that Gallowsbird's Bark, Blueberry Boat and even EP hit. Still, like Radiohead, it deserves more listens.

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  • 4.25.2006 | Review: Ani DiFranco - 2002.04.06, Carnegie Hall:

    Upon first listen I'm surprised someone so confident in her songs is so nervous (immature?) as a stage presence. This is the first time I've ever heard a DiFranco song (consciously) and while I walked away very impressed, her on-stage banter has a bit of catching up to do.

  • Download Two Little Girls
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  • 4.24.2006 | Review: The Black Heart Procession - The Spell:

    Upon first listen, you listen to person after person and blog after blog rave about band X. So you listen to band X, but just don't see what all the fuss is for. This was the case with The Black Heart Procession. Was is the key word, as I get it now. Can't wait to back and listen to their old albums again.

  • Stream The Letter and Not Just Words
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  • 4.21.2006 | Review: Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (Retail):

    Upon first listen, it could be because it's actually finished, but I seem to prefer this incarnation to the previously leaked version. It seems to be quieter (the backing tracks) and interferes less with the lyrics.

  • Stream Get Him Back and Not About Love
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  • 4.20.2006 | Review: Band of Horses - Everything All The Time:

    Band of Horses - Everything All The Time: Upon first listen, there's not enough hype on this band, as it's easily the best indie/pop/rock album I've heard all year.

  • Stream The Funeral and The Great Salt Lake
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  • 4.19.2006 | Review: Age of Rockets - The Drive Home:

    Upon first listen, it's very difficult to not make comparisons to The Postal Service.

  • Download Petales Aiment La Salete, Insmileoutblood and Once, We Were Monsters
  • Stream The Day The Whole World Died
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  • 4.17.2006 | Review: Sparks - Hello Young Lovers:

    Upon first listen, Dick Around may be my favorite song of the year. The entire album is filled with songs that sound like some weird blend of Court of the Crimson King, SMiLE and Blind Guardian. I know it's hard to picture, but wow.

  • Download minute-long clips of a few tracks (including the amazing Dick Around)
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  • 4.14.2006 | Review: Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital:

    Upon first listen, it's accessible, yet avant garde and free from the punk edges found on their early work. A lot of the songs are good, but I didn't enjoy it as an album.

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  • 4.13.2006 | Review: Marconi Union - Distance:

    Upon first listen, it has just enough action and noise to keep you interested with just enough suspense to make you want more.

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  • 4.12.2006 | Review: Ghostface Killah - Fishscale:

    Upon first listen, it's easily the best rap/hip-hop album of the year. The production is good, the rhymes are good, the flow is good AND it's got MF Doom. What more can you ask for?

  • Stream the audio or the video for Back Like That
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  • 4.11.2006 | Review: Calexico - Garden Ruin:

    Upon first listen, I fell in love with the Iron & Wine/Calexico Split from last year, so I assumed I would also love this. I shouldn't have assumed such grandiose desires, as I find this to be rather boring and uninteresting. Perhaps I'll like Iron & Wine better.

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  • 4.10.2006 | Review: Delays - You See Colours:

    Upon first listen, I hesitate to use the word dense when describing this brit-pop band, so perhaps a fuller sound is what they've developed since their debut. More electronic flourishes are present and a lot of the songs tend to run together. Ultimately, it's a decent follow-up, but one that takes a lot more time to reconcile.

  • Stream Long Time Coming and Nearer Than Heaven
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  • 4.08.2006 | Review: Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops:

    Upon first listen, it starts a bit slow and stiff, but is soon falls into a groove that while, similar enough to Now Here, is certainly more open and more flowing.

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  • 4.06.2006 | Review: Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia:

    Upon first listen, it's overly dramatic, as to be expected. This gets rather tiresome, really fast, and with no 'Girl Anachronism' or 'Coin-Operated Boy' to break it up, means the album becomes stale.

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  • 4.05.2006 | Review: Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm:

    Upon first listen, it has a couple of good songs, but it's nothing more than decent rock/pop.

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  • 4.04.2006 | Review: Various - Compounds & Elements:

    Upon first listen, it's a compilation of minimalist, ambient and electronic music featuring Brian Eno, among others. Some works, some doesn't. What surprised me was how much I did like, having no previous disposition towards liking the aforementioned genres.

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  • 4.03.2006 | Review: Saves The Day - Bug Sessions, Volume 1:

    Upon first listen, it really showcases how much his voice has changed, as they cover acoustically (albeit with too much noise and enthusiasm) some older and newer hits. In the end, it's great for fans, but the casual listener just won't get into it.

  • Tour only EP, go see them live

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