Blind Guardian - A Night at the Opera: Ok, fatigue is certainly alive and well now.

Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle Earth: Trying a bit too hard now.

Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the Other Side: Still digging it.

Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond: The most complete album yet.

Blind Guardian - Tales from the Twilight World: Normally fatigue is setting in, but not here.

Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind: An improvement.

Blind Guardian - Battalions of Fear: Clunky speed metal.

Bay Faction - Jasper/Bay Faction: Completely forgettable, but I hear the songwriting is great.

Atari Teenage Riot - The Future of War: Industrial punk for fans of Death Grips.

Animal Collective - Meeting of the Waters/The Painters: I content that they are one of the best EP bands.

Aggression Pact - Promo/7"/Instant Execution: Fantastic hardcore band.

Ryan Adams - 1989: Fascinating look at pop music.

Ryan Adams - The Suicide Handbook: Meh.

Youth Funeral - Symptom of Time/See You When I See You: Looking forward to more.

Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth: The longer it went, the more captivated I became.

Voivod - Nothingface: This is considered a high water mark?

Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes: Too poppy to be edgy, too edgy to be poppy.


Various - Honeywell/Reach Out Split: Underrated screamo split.

Vanishing Life - People Running: Growing on me.

Vandals - The Quickening: I am too old to enjoy too much.

United States of America - United States of America: Weird.

Uniform Choice - Screaming For Change: Youth of Today mixed with Gorilla Biscuits.

Unherd - Unherd: Fugazi influenced, Assfactor 4 related. What is not to like?!

Turnstile - Nonstop Feeling: Really pushing their sound. In a good way.

Turnstile - Step 2 Rhythm: Oddly dance-y.

Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed: Hardcore with vocals you can understand? What sorcery is this?

Tragically Hip - Fully Completely: A continuation of the greatness.

Tragically Hip - Up To Here: More traditional rock that should be bigger.

Tonka - Anthology: Embrace-influenced greatness.

Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream: Intriguing backstory, but mostly forgettable songs.

Thermals - More Parts Per Million: If this was good before, it does not appear to have held up.

Teen Crud Combo - Judgement Night Soundtrack Pt. 2: Thank for the beyond excellent recommendation, Turned Out A Punk.

Teen Crud Combo - Suck It: Good hardcore over too soon.

Szobel, Herman - 1976 - Szobel: This is amazing!

Suffocate for Fuck Sake - Blazing Fires and Helicopters: I wish they would pick the quiet or the loud.

Suffocate for Fuck Sake - Suffocate for Fuck Sake: Try to occupy similar space of City of Caterpillar, but trying too hard.

Phil Collins - The Singles: Not for me.


Subhumans - Cradle to the Grave: Hard to keep going back and finding essential albums I skipped.

Skip Spence - Oar: I get why some might be into it, but it failed to grab me.

Solea - Even Stranger/Finally We Are Nowhere: Not quite Texas is the Reason, but close enough.

Sled - Discography: If you told me this came out in 1994 I would have believed you.

Slaughter Beach, Dog - Dawg: More from this or Modern Baseball please.

Silicon Teens - Music for Parties: This should not work. But it does more than that and excels.

The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World: This is music at is most ethereal. Fans of Wild Man Fischer and Daniel Johnston are probably in the know already.

Scratch Acid - Just Keep Eating: Enough here to warrant another listen.

John K Samson - Provincial: I still like his bands better.

Rainer Maria - Look Now Look Again: Glad I came back to them. Such captivating tracks.

Q And Not U - Different Damage: Mid-career Piebald without the addiction to puns. So pretty awesome.

Psycho Squatt - Anthology: Gogol Bordello meets Crass meets good ska? And it is glorious.

Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn: Sounds antiquated because the genre has come so far.

Pulsars - Pulsars: Regiie and the Full Effect if they played it straight.

John Prine - Great Days: The gamut of the singer-songwriter genre has far more good than bad and enough great.

Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness: Absolutely essential hardcore punk.

Pansy Division - Deflowered: Mostly forgettable power pop, leaning pop punk.

OnGuard - This Has Its Price: I would pay more for more.

Angel Olsen - Bur Your Fire For No Witness: Not as good as her most recent, but worth listening to.

NWA - efil4zaggin: As not someone who focuses on lyrics, it was hard to ignore the back half.

NWA - NWA and the Posse: Complete cashgrab that feels like it.


Nothing More - Nothing More: Trying a bit too hard.

Nothing More - Vandura: An improvement, but just not there yet.

Nother More - Shelter: Shows potential.

New Rising Sons - New Rising Sons/Theives and Angels: Interesting, wish there was more.

New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too: More than just a single.

Mother Love Bone - Apple: Grunge is just not for me.

The Monks - Black Monk Time: Pretty skippable until it was put into context.

Modern Lovers - Modern Lovers: Unbelievable proto-punk.

Milemarker - Frigid Forms Sell: Post-hardcore that is worth your time.

The Melvins - Houdini: Not what I was expecting given the praise.

Magnum Force - Collected Crimes: Fantastic modern powerviolence.

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers - The Teenagers: Classic and essential.

Life Without Buildings - Any Other City: Out of nowhere, I need to listen to this album on repeat for a week.

The La's - The La's: Come for the big single, stay for the great album.

LaGrecia - On Parallels: I will listen to anything he does.

Kraftwerk - Autobahn: I...did not hate it. Was actually pretty good.

Knife Fight - Isolated: Always worth a listen when they put something out.

Kaytranda - 99.9%: I tried, but could not get into it.

Carly Rae Jelpsen - EMOTION: How did I miss this pop gem?

I Don't Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings - Things Are Getting Better: Definite improvement over the EP.

I Don't Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings - Winter: So much great screamo.

Ice Cube - Death Certificate: Consistency from NWA to debut to this is a flawless run.

Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted: So good.