9.30.2010 |

Settlefish - Plural of the Choir: Ultimately forgettable.

9.29.2010 |

Settlefish - Dance a While, Upset: Semi-screamo that starts strong but fails to hold interest.

Pete Seeger - Live '57: Not an everyday listen, but certainly worth listening to. Spontaneity in stark contrast to contemporary live acts.

9.28.2010 |

Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns: Uneven with heaps of potential.

Roxy Music - Country Life: Like the Talking Heads but mellower and more experimental. And sometimes too long.

Ben Folds - Lonely Avenue: Feels less forced than his last few albums.

9.01.2010 |

Halfway through Order of the Phoenix. Skipping Deathly Hallows until after movie is released.

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