Review: The Poison Arrows - Straight Into The Drift:

Upon first listen the album feels very detached from its surroundings, giving way to a an extremely isolated post-rock meets electronic pop outing.

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  • 3.29.2007

    Review: Talib Kweli and Madlib - Liberation:

    Upon first listen some of the tracks here are some of the best that Kweli has released since Black Star. Others, not so much.

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  • 3.28.2007


    Review: Ted Leo and Pharmacists - Living with the Living:

    Upon first listen I think Mr. Leo and drug-pushing counterparts should stick to live performance and mainstream pop covers as their studio output never seems to hold a candle to either of those.

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  • 3.20.2007

    Review: The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta:

    Upon first listen it's reggae-based music that I really like. Go figure. And it (mostly) holds up the test of time.

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  • 3.16.2007

    Review: Comeback Kid - Broadcasting:

    Upon first listen this is leaps and bounds better than Wake the Dead. It's still formulaic and predictable but it's so much more raw. The change of singers has definetly served them well (though not for live shows, yet).

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  • 3.15.2007


    Review: Andrew WK - Close Calls With Brick Walls:

    Upon first listen this pretty much severs my relationship with Mr. WK as I will no longer be investing time into his future endeavors in a vein hope of preserving I Get Wet in all its quirky, unrelenting glory.

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  • 3.12.2007


    Review: The Good, The Bad & The Queen - The Good, The Bad & The Queen:

    Upon first listen it's exactle what you were expecting from Mr. Blur; downtempo, guitar-based rock that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

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  • 3.08.2007

    Review: Calla - Strength In Numbers:

    Upon first listen this follow-up to the solid Collisions is a more complex, more textured effort that I found even more rewarding. If you were a fan of Collisions, or even Elbow (not that they sound similar) you should be checking this out.

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  • 3.07.2007

    Review: Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere:

    Upon first listen this is a case of the pre-released media hyping an album that inevitably will fail to deliver. I was so stoked on this album after the pre-release of My Sword Hand's Anger and the album title track (the best 2 tracks on the album), but was slightly underwhelming. Hopefully, it will grow on me.

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  • 3.06.2007

    Review: Arcade Fire - Neon Bible:

    Upon first listen it lacks the immediacy present on Funeral, but still manages to be compelling. A lot of the tracks are good (No Cars Go, Intervention), but it's not the album that Funeral is.

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  • 3.05.2007

    Review: Explosions in the Sky - All Of the Sudden, I Miss Everyone:

    Upon first listen EITS is certainly the most consistent post-rock band and they do little to tarnish their own legacy. It's everything you're expecting and maybe a little you're not.

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  • 3.02.2007

    Review: Talking Heads - 77:

    Upon first listen this is the blueprint for nearly all of the indie rock albums in at least the past 7 years. And I loved every minute of it.

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  • 3.01.2007

    Review: Ron Sexsmith - Time Being:

    Upon first listen the songwriter's songwriter
    strikes again. Great songs, wonderful arrangements and no acclaim or
    record sales to show for it.

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