5.26.2010 |

Mountain Goats - Life Of The World To Come: Life his voice and everything he does. Just sad that it never compares to Sunset Tree.

Mark Mulcahy - Fathering: While good, it lacks a sense if engagement.

5.20.2010 |

The Germs - (GI): Classic and essential punk rock for when you are in that mood.

5.19.2010 |

EPMD - Strictly Business: For when you're in the mood for some old school hip-hop you're not terribly familiar with.

Eazy-E - Eazy-Duz-It: A refreshing look back at how simple and effective hip-hop used to be. What happened?

5.14.2010 |

Monsters Of Folk - Monsters Of Folk: Hard not to compare to Traveling Wilburys, both in make up and spirit.

5.13.2010 |

Mission Of Burma - Sound Speed Light: Good, but missing something that's made past efforts great.

5.12.2010 |

Miracle Legion - Surprise Surprise Surprise: Early version of Polaris that was obviously influenced by REM, so it's pretty awesome.

Mansions - Mansions: Had I not known better, I'd swear these were Bright Eyes tracks

Doom - Unexpected Guests: With an emphasis on rapping and virtually skit-free, it's surprisingly coherent given its disjointed nature.

5.11.2010 |

Mark Lind - Homeward Bound: More balancing of his classic rock ambitions and punk rock roots. Mostly successful too.

Mark Lind - Truth Can Be Brutal: Close enough to a Sinners And Saints follow-up.

5.10.2010 |

Liars - Sisterworld: A little too slow and quiet. Good enough for further listens.

Lewis - Even So: Doing nothing more than the basics really well is sometimes enough. This is such a case.

5.07.2010 |

Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues: Not exactly innovative, but not stagnant, it balances a lounge between slow but heavy and fast and aggressive.

5.05.2010 |

Dan In Real Life Soundtrack: Sondre Lerche-dominated soundtrack has moved this movie up my "to watch" list.

5.04.2010 |

Kurtis Blow - Kingdom Blow: Mostly terrible old school hip-hop. Notable only for the involvement of Bob Dylan.

5.03.2010 |

Karen O - Where The Wild Things Are: Perfect soundtrack to an excellent movie.

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