X-Japan - Blue Blood: Was not expecting each song to sound so similar.

Xiu Xiu - Plays the Music of Twin Peaks: This sas way better than it should be.

Wear Your Wounds - WYW: There is a really good album, or maybe long EP, in here.

Vietnam - Vietnam (1985): A lost (to me) classic.

Verlaines - Bird Dog: Enough to warrant a second listen.

Various - Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans: A great one-time novelty listen.

Various - Ramshackle Glory/Ghost Mice: Now I need to dig into Ghsot Mice.

Various - Bomb the Music Industry/Laura Stevenson: BtMI side is fantastic.

Various - Bomb the Music Industry!/O Pioneers: Great pairing

Various - The Syness Clinic/Everyone Asked About You: Mostly forgettable emo from the late '90s.

Unwound - Repetition: I just did not get it.

Unbroken - It's Getting Tougher: Odds and ends that are worth a listen.

Unbroken - Life. Love. Regret.: Not nearly as good as Ritual, but still pretty great.

Unbroken - Ritual: Where has this been all of my life?!

Udusic - Ugly: Intriguing hardcore.

True Love - Heaven's Too Good For Us: It is no Background Music, but I will certainly take it.

True Love - Floral Note/New Young Gods: Great American Nightmare-inspired band.

James Supercave - Better Strange: Wish I had context for why I queued this underwhelming album.

Sun Kil Moon - Common As Light: Long. Very long.

Sorority Noise - You're Not As ______ As You Think: Modern emo at its finest.

Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You: The Hold Steady for the The Get Up Kids crowd.

Slow Fire Pistol - Demo/Moment of Clarity: Looking forward to more from this solid screamo band.

Slowdive - Slowdive: I think I need to revisit their old material.