Kanye West - Ye: Not sure what all the hate is for as this is still pretty good.

Junior Wells - Hoodoo Man Blues: Could have skipped the singing and focused on the guitar playing.

Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth: I found it less engaging as a whole than The Epic.

M. Ward - What A Wonderful Industry: What a wonderful album.

Vein - Errorzone: Going to give it another go, given the hype.

Townes Van Zandt - Live At the Old Quarter: Essential singer songwriter.

Two Gallants - We Are Undone: My time away has renewed my faith.

Three Shade of Dirty - Paper Roses: Fun little pop demo.

Stil Life - From Angry Heads with Skyward Eyes: What an amazing album!

Sophie - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides: Very Lynchian.

Pusha T - Daytona: Seven tracks is perfect.

No Right - Unjustified: Classic straight edge hardcore.

Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch: I have enjoyed this run of EPs more than any of their albums.

Nausea - Extinction: Not really my thing.


Nails - Unsilent Death: Todd Jones strikes again

Mom Jeans - Puppy Love: A bit of a letdown coming off Best Buds.

Mil-Spec - Demo/When The Fever Broke/Changes: What a run of great hardcore tracks.

Middle Class - Out Of Vogue: The first hardcore track? Not sure, but really great regardless.

Michael Cera Palin - Growing Pains/I Don't Know How To Explain It: Lofty name to live up to. Nails it.

Line Of Sight - Demo/Dissent: Awesome straight edge hardcore.

JPEGMAFIA - Veteran: Not really feeling it.

Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow: Essential and I need to get more of their stuff.

Guiding Wave - To Dance Around Love: Really great post-punk.

Get Up Kids - Kicker: More please.

Gaslight Anthem - '59 Sounds Sessions: A little underwhelming for such a classic album.

Feederz - What Would Hitler Do: Would love to see them live, but could do without new music.

Failure Face - Complete Failure: Weirdly melodic, but aggressive.

Envy - A Dead Sinking Story: Given the hype, I had expectations that were too high.

Electric Eels - God Says Fuck You: Not my favorite proto-punk band, but have to respect what they were doing.

Econochrist - Trained To Serve: Great early '90s hardcore.

Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose: There is much to unpack here.

Die Hoffnung - Elegies and Creation Songs: Not my favorite from the brothers, but I am glad it exists.

Culture Abuse - Bay Dream: Not as immediately compelling as Peach.

Cringer - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: Pretty good, if generic, punk from the late '80s.

Converge - Beautiful Ruin: Outstanding supplement.

Commander Salamander - Gross October: Indebted to Midwest emo, in a good way.

Clipping - Face: Keeps getting better and better.

Breathing Walker - Breathing Walker: Moss Icon with a violin!

Blue Streak - No Guns on TV: Looking forward to what the future brings.

At The Drive-In - In Diamante: Great little EP.

Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino: Too grown up.

Amusement Parks On Fire - All The New Ends: Glad they are back at it

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Demo: Did a split with Converge which should give you an idea on sound, but super short tracks.