2.25.2010 |

Jenny Owen Youngs - Transmitter Failure: Such potential for the future, but misses the mark a few too many times.

2.24.2010 |

Yesterdays New Quintet - Yesterday's Universe: Not as charismatic as the debut, but good enough.

2.23.2010 |

XO Skeletons - Bored By Heaven: Of all Wes Eisold's post-American Nightmare output, this is my favorite.

X - Los Angeles: A punk rock classic for a reason.

2.22.2010 |

Wilco - Wilco: Fun pop/rock record that comes across like a soundtrack to a summer.

2.19.2010 |

Wasted Youth UK - Wild And Wandering: A little too mopey for everyday listening, but quality post-punk, proto-goth.

M. Ward - Hold Time: His best collection of songs yet.

2.18.2010 |

Kurt Vile - God Its Saying This To You: Is unmemorable a word?

The Veils - Sun Gangs: Pick a band to rip off and then do it well. Not poorly of several.

2.16.2010 |

Various - Dark Was The Night: Outstanding sequencing considering the eclectic mix and thirty one tracks. Even without considering.

2.12.2010 |

Various - Carry The Torch: Makes me miss Kid Dynamite.

Various - Once OST: Fantastic music from a fantastic movie.

2.10.2010 |

Various - Experiments In Audio Rocketry: Awesome collection of acoustic punk without a terrible track.

2.07.2010 |

Two Tongues - Two Tongues: Underwhelming results from an interesting concept.

Two Gallants - The Throes: Mildly disappointing follow-up nc

2.05.2010 |

Trial - Darkest Days: As expected, nowhere near as good as Are These Our Lives

Title Fight - Last Thing You Forget: Solid melodic hardcore from a band still trying to find its footing.

2.04.2010 |

Thursday - Common Existence: Not enough up-front incentive to commit to a long-term relationship.

Thrice - Beggars: Someone's been listening to a lot of Radiohead and TV on the Radio. That's a good thing nv

2.03.2010 |

This Charming Man - Every Little Secret: Pre-Gaslight anthem that's a little rough around the edges, but more than listenable.

Telepathic Butterflies -Introducing: Psychedelic pop as expected from a band called Telepathic Butterflies.

Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing: Musical taste is dictated largely by time and place. I listened to this hardcore album at the right time.

2.02.2010 |

Taking Back Sunday - New Again: A good starting point for the second (third?) part of their career.

2.01.2010 |

Super Furry Animals - Dark Days: I was bored, uninterested and felt uninvolved.

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