Restorations - LP5000: Solid rock album.

The Mountain Goats - Hex Of Infinite Binding: Always so solid, I look forward to each release.

The Mice - For Almost Ever, Scooter: Fantastic power pop that should be found by more.

Paul McCartney - Egypt Station: A little long, but it still such a treasure to have.

Joyce Manor - Million Dollars To Kill Me: I want it to be harder and faster than it is.

Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow: Would love to re-listen without the two big singles.

Gouge Away - Burnt Sugar: What a ripper!

Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams: I like some of what they are doing, but certainly feels like a band looking for a new identity at times.

Crime - San Francisco's STILL Doomed: I think I have reach peak post-punk.

Candy - Good To Feel: Another example of the modern hardcore resurgence.

Bad Moves - Tell No One: Tell everyone about this great little pop/rock album.