Review: Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane:

Upon first listen I'm surprised at how much I didn't like this. I've been doing a much better job at screening artists to ensure some level of enjoyability, but this one flew a little under that radar.

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  • 2.19.2009

    Review: Spiritualized - Songs In A & E:

    Upon first listen I never was able to get into Spiritualized during my infatuation with post-rock. Their name came up all over the place, but it never struck a chord with me. Well, I'm paying attention now.

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  • 2.13.2009


    Review: Paint It Black - New Lexicon:

    Upon first listen there seems to exist a disconnect between the vocals and the music. Live, I'm sure this is one killer set of songs.

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  • 2.05.2009

    Review: My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges:

    Upon first listen it's perfectly fine arena rock - and I'm sure it's awesome live - but it's also a little schizophrenic. I mean, Highly Suspicious is a long-lost Talking Heads track and has no business on the album.

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  • 2.04.2009

    Review: The Mountain Goats - Satanic Messiah:

    Upon first listen I was expecting something a little heavier, with a bit more crunch. Instead, I got some more awesome songs from Mr. Darnielle.

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  • 2.03.2009

    Review: Ida Maria - Fortress 'round My Heart:

    Upon first listen I love the quirky songwriting and odd-timed deliveries, but much like the Dresden Dolls, she takes it a bit too far at times.

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