4.30.2004 | Review(s): Drive Like Jehu, Waxwing x2

Drive Like Jehu - Drive Like Jehu: I bet that in 1991 this disc was awesome. Now it just seems like all the other bands they probably inspired.

Waxwing - For Madmen Only: Tolerable drivel.

Waxwing - One For The Ride: Leaps and bounds better than their previous effort, yet still lacking total listenability.
(* date unkown)

4.29.2004 | Review(s): The Cooper Temple Clause, Countdown To Putsch, Corduroy

The Cooper Temple Cause - Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose: It's difficult to listen to this disc, because every time they show a glimpse of competency, they shoot themselves in the foot.

Countdown To Putsch - Handbook For Planetary Progress: Even if City of Caterpillar wasn't phenomenal, this would still be bad.

Corduroy - Dead End Memory Lane: With buried vocals, I surmise, that bad songwriting is what you are trying to disguise.
(* date unkown)

4.28.2004 | Review(s): The Cansecos, Circle Takes The Square, Colleen

The Cansecos - The Cansecos: Comparisons to Broken Social Scene are not unwarranted, just ill-informed.

Circle Takes The Square - As The Roots Undo: When trying to do more than the guy next to you, do it. Don't pussyfoot around.

Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers: I want an answer: why don't these songs go anywhere?
(* date unkown)

4.27.2004 | Review(s): Big Blue Monkey, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, The Books

Big Blue Monkey - Truth In Separation/Big Blue Monkey/Story of the Year: I grouped these three EPs together because they show a nice progression of the bands quest to find that sound that will sell them out. Can you guess which one? (Hint: They changed their name to the songs on the EP of their eventual sound)

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Petrophonics: Post-Prog? Post-Bjork?? Who knows, but I downloaded three of the albums and the other two won't see a review for a LONG time.

The Books - Thought For Food: Not as engaging as The Lemon of Pink, but it could be worse.
(* date unkown)

4.26.2004 | Review(s): Juno, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Franz Ferdinand

Juno - This Is The Way It Goes & Goes & Goes: This band just changes & changes & changes with every song. Normally, this would be a detrimental attribute, but it works nicely here.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Pyschocandy: Slightly more tolerable than My Bloody Valentine, the band they inspired the most.

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand: Pitchfork is losing its credibility.
(* date unkown)

4.25.2004 | Review(s): Radiohead, Inspiral Carpets, Fuel

Radiohead - OK Computer: I thought that I was musically mature enough to (at least) appreciate Radiohead. I was right.

Inspiral Carpets - Cool As: More danceable than the Stone Roses, more focused than the Happy Mondays, yet this three-disc anthology fails to make an impact on a new listener.

Fuel - Moment To Excess: They'd be Water Music without Fuel.
(* date unkown)

4.24.2004 | Review(s): The Millenium, June of '44 x2

The Millenium - Begin: If I was the record executive that approved the first production budget that topped 1 million dollars, I'd want more than this.

June of '44 - Tropics and Meridians: Notasgoodasslint

June of '44 - Four Great Points: Better, but Spiderland is such a good record that it detracts from this one.
(* date unkown)

4.23.2004 | Review(s): Pink Floyd, Movietone, Circulatory System

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd gets too pretentious on their follow-up to the superior Dark Side of the Moon.

Movietone - The Sand and the Stars: I've come to expect and, accordingly, accept less from female (fronted) artists. Maybe this is why I enjoyed this record.

Circulatory System - Circulatory System: A bit hazy, a bit mediocre.
(* date unkown)

4.22.2004 | Review(s): Califone, The Constantines, The Elected

Califone - Heron King Blues: If I hadn't expected it to be mind-blowing, I'd probably have enjoyed it.

The Constantines - Shine A Light: Joy Division, The Cure, Radiohead, Frankie Stubbs/Leatherface and a thousand other influences come together to make a really solid record.

The Elected - Me First: It's obvious who wears the pants in Rilo Kiley. (Hint: It's not Blake)
(* date unkown)

4.21.2004 | Review(s): TV On The Radio, The Band, Stars Like Fleas

TV On The Radio - Desperate Youths, Blood Thirsty Babes: If the goal of this record was to make me feel indifferent, then mission accomplished.

The Band - Music From Big Pink: Even without the Dylan-penned songs, this would be awesome.

Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down On The Fence: ASMZ-esque vocals over less convincing music.

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