5.17.2011 |

New job keeps me in the car 3 hours a day. Taking that opportunity to catch up on some audio books.

5.05.2011 |

Nas - It Was Written: Hip-hop used to be this good on a consistent basis. What happened?

5.04.2011 |

Fucked Up - David's Town: Awesome concept, mixed results.

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues: Proving, once again, the difficulty in following up a very strong debut.

5.03.2011 |

TVOTR - Nine Types of Light: Possibly their catchiest album yet, but I would love more intensity.

Thursday - No Devolucion: Epitome of a headphones-required album.

5.02.2011 |

Jack Savoretti - Between The Minds: More John Legend than Bob Dylan.

Leon Russell - The Best Of: I'd never heard of him but definitely worthy of a hits collection.

Roll The Tanks - Suffer City: Really great Clash-inspired rock.

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