1.26.2011 |

Book time. Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life

1.25.2011 |

Amusement Parks On Fire - Road Eyes: Much better than sophomore release, but eons away from debut.

1.24.2011 |

Walkmen - Lisbon: I was wondering why this flew under the radar and now I know. Certainly has its moments though.

Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes: An underrated classic.

1.21.2011 |

Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History: Outstanding album that was over far too quickly.

Tapes 'n' Tapes - Outside: Same band, more meh.

1.20.2011 |

Sufjan Stevens - Age Of Adz: I'm sure I will grow to love new Sufjan, but right now I miss old Sufjan.

1.19.2011 |

Sleigh Bells - Treats: More engaging than some contemporaries but not enough to hold my attention despite a few great tracks.

River City Extension - ...And The Unmistakable Man: The best indie/folk/pop/rock/whatever you're not listening to.

The Riot Before - Rebellion: Yet another example of how much really good punk there is.

Portal. The Man - American Ghetto: Subversively enjoyable.

Off With Their Heads - In Desolation: Australia is very lucky to see these guys with Against Me!.

1.18.2011 |

Of Montreal - False Priest: Lacking in charisma.

None More Black - Icons: Disappointing.

Nightmares For A Week - A Flood Tomorrow: Excellent EP reminiscent of Get Up Kids just after Something before Wire.

1.17.2011 |

New Pornographers - Together: Solid album but I wish it was a little more energetic.

1.14.2011 |

The National - High Violet: Keep waiting for that penultimate album to really grab me.

Menzingers - Chamberlain Waits: More catchy-without-being-poppy punk from what is an increasingly consistent band.

Make Do And Mend - End Measured Mile; What hard rock could, and should have been. #notNickelback

Hostage Calm - Hostage Calm: Not sure what type of band they want to be, but this wasn't it.

1.13.2011 |

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach: Just not my cup of tea.

Fresh and Onlys - Play It Strange: Shoegazey with potential.

1.12.2011 |

Fake Problems - Real Ghosts Caught On Tape: Great Songs Caught On CD.

Drake - Thank Me Later: Good but overhyped blend R&B and rap without coddling one for the other.

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest: Perfect soundtrack to a blizzard.

1.11.2011 |

Dead Mechanical - Addict Rhythms: Fantastic working class punk that belongs on a Best Of list from last year.

1.10.2011 |

Das Racist - Sit Down, Man: Avant garde hip-hop that requires repeat listens.

1.08.2011 |

David Cross - Bigger And Blackerer: His funniest album yet.

1.07.2011 |

Elvis Costello - National Ransom: A couple of slower tracks detract from an otherwise solid album.

1.06.2011 |

Caribou - Swim: Gave up after 2 songs. I am not the right demographic as I just don't get it.

Big Boi - Sir Luscious Left Foot: Almost passed on what is likely the best hip-hop album of last year.

Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo: Infectiously addictive or grating. Time will tell.

1.05.2011 |

Ariel Pink - Before Today: Unsure of where to begin, but 5am is too early to listen to this album.

1.04.2011 |

Ra Ra Riot - The Orchard: Sophomore slump indeed.

Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids: Is there a more consistent artist in hip-hop?

1.03.2011 |

Fiya - Magic Words: Solid album of Hot Water-inspired punk rock.

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