1.30.2012 |

Drake - Take Care: Frustrating and uneven.

Defeater - Empty Days and Sleepless Nights: A brooding desperation in the vocals make it a must listen hardcore-ish album.

1.28.2012 |

Moneyball was really good

1.27.2012 |

Death Before Dishonor - Better Ways To Die: Fairly generic hardcore, as if that is ever a bad thing.

Dead To Me - Moscow Penny Ante: Energetic and catchy. Yes, this is what pop-punk should be.

Danzig - How The Gods Kill: I can think of no more perfect an album to listen to while driving in the rain at night.

1.26.2012 |

Crime In Stereo - Is Dead: Just never grabbed my attention.

Crazy Arm - Union City Breath: Not sure what to call, or how to describe it, but it was very enjoyable.

1.25.2012 |

Crazy Arm - Cross Country: Songs that were meant to be played live.

1.21.2012 |

Childish Gambino - Camp: Just different enough to be interesting, just familiar enough to get attention. Looking forward to more.

1.20.2012 |

Chris Carrabba - Covered In The Flood: None of these will change your opinion of the original or the person covering them.

1.19.2012 |

Black Keys - El Camino: Album needs no more hype, but deserves every bit of it.

1.18.2012 |

Beach Boys - SMiLE: Great to have the original but need more time to determine the definitive version.

Bayside - Killing Time: Perfectly fine pop punk, but it fails to convey the tour de force that is their live show.

1.17.2012 |

Ambitions - Stranger: A fun, light hardcore album.

All Pigs Must Die - God Is War: The intensity feels tacked on compared to their excellent debut EP.

1.16.2012 |

Algernon Cadwaller - Some Kind Of Cadwaller: Best Cap'n Jazz album since their discography came out.

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