Neil Young - Pyshedelic Pill: Not my favorite, but looking forward to more.
Yellowcard - Southern Air: Is the rest as good as this? If so, I have been missing out.
Watsky - Nothing Like The First Time: Both excited and terrified for his full length.
Jessie Ware - Devotion: Bamboozled, again, by the blogosphere.
The Walkmen - Heaven: Nothing fancy, just awesome.
Verse - Bitter Grace, Uncommon Clarity: Still one of the best bands in hardcore.
Two Gallants - The Bloom And The Blight: Five years made the heart, and ears, grow fonder.
Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon: Incredibly, almost unbelievably, catchy follow-up.
Trash Talk - 119: Hardcore that is not exactly innovative, but certainly more compelling than most.
Torche - Harmonicraft: Post-metal? Doom? Who cares? Turn it up!
Titus Andronicus - Local Business: Well that was unexpected.
Title Fight - Floral Green: I can see this being monster album live.