11.30.2007 | Review: Most Serene Republic - Population:

Upon first listen I love most of these songs. Unfortunately, they don't always transition that well and it detracts a little bit from the album.

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  • 11.29.2007 | Review: Master P - Featuring...Master P:

    Upon first listen it's a cash grab by an artist I have no real interest in. I can see how it could be alluring to have all of the non-album collaborations on one disc, but not when it's Master P.

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  • 11.28.2007 | Review: Lennon/McCartney - Toot And Snore in '74:

    Upon first listen it's interesting from a historical perspective (last time the two of them played together), but you're not likely to listen to it ever again.

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  • Review: Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortdela:

    Upon first listen I really liked the first few tracks. But by the end of the album I was ready for it to be over. I can't imagine it holding up a couple of years from now.

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  • 11.27.2007 | Review: Ben Lee - Ripe:

    Upon first listen Ben Lee should be a household name. His songs are the perfect background for everything from Grey's Anatomy to the latest Michael Bay project.

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  • 11.26.2007 | Review: Fats Domino - Greatest Hits: Walking to New Orleans:

    Upon first listen if you don't have any Fats Domino in your collection, this is a great way to get some. Still, I can't imagine many people listening to all thirty tracks on a regular basis.

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  • 11.21.2007 | Review: Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest Of Times:

    Upon first listen this is their best album since Gang's All Here, but that's not saying much. It still feels a bit gimmicky and tiresome by the end.

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  • 11.20.2007 | Review: Dashboard Confessional - The Wiretapes, Vol. 1:

    Upon first listen this tour-only covers album is a nice way to reward fans (provided they pay $10 on top of their ticket price). Like most albums full of covers, some work and some don't. It's not that Mr. Confessional does a bad job, but sometimes the songs don't necessarily lend themselves to an acoustic pop-punky delivery.

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  • 11.19.2007 | Review: Band Of Horses - Cease To Begin:

    Upon first listen this is a perfectly adequate follow-up to the amazing Everything All The Time. I can, however, see how it might not hold up on repeat listens, which EATT did.

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  • 11.16.2007 | Review: Babyshambles - Shotter's Nation:

    Upon first listen this isn't the type of album that grabs you after one listen.

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  • 11.15.2007 | Review: Amusement Parks On Fire - Out Of Angeles:

    Upon first listen it doesn't have any of the instantly-infectious songs from their self-titled album, instead, electing to tread water between shoe gaze and post rock.

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  • 11.14.2007 | Review: Akron Family - Love Is Simple:

    Upon first listen there's a couple of great tracks, but the album just seems to drag along, not coming to an end soon enough.

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  • 11.13.2007 | Review: Radiohead - In Rainbows:

    Upon first listen it's no surprise that their most accessible album to date is my favorite since OK Computer.

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  • 11.12.2007 | Review: Saves the Day - Under The Boards:

    Upon first listen it lacks the immediacy that was finally returned on Sound The Alarm.

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