4.29.2011 |

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light: Their best since Colour and Shape.

Foo Fighters - Medium Rare: Excellent all around.

4.27.2011 |

Architecture In Helsinki - Moment Bends: While I do not see myself listening regularly, it is far more accessible.

Andrew WK - Party All The Goddamn Night: Showing glimpses as a true successor to I Get Wet. #fingerscrossed

4.26.2011 |

Yeasayer - Odd Blood: A little too avant garde.

4.23.2011 |

Surfer Blood - Astro Turf: Just enough good to keep me interested.

4.22.2011 |

The Strokes - Angles: I've tried, but I think it's time to give up on them.

Smith Westerns - Smith Westerns: I'd have to be in a shoegaze kind of mood to listen again.

4.21.2011 |

She And Him - Volume 2: To adequately follow up a surprisingly good debut is a remarkable feat.

Walter Schriefels - An Open Letter To The Scene: One of the most dependable singer-songwriters delivers again.

Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing: Third time's the charm for this always-promising band.

Rolling Stones - Forty Licks; Less-than-expected filler makes for a good compilation.

4.19.2011 |

Rival Schools - Pedals: Very overdue. Almost worth it.

Lou Reed - Transformer: So many good New Wave albums, so little time.

Ratatat - LP4: Their least-compelling album yet.

Radiohead - King Of Limbs: Extremely passive and almost instantly forgettable.

REM - Collapse Into Now: Extremely solid, but not likely to enter rotation.

4.15.2011 |

Tom Petty - Mojo: Glimpses of mojo.

Of Montreal - The Controlling Sphere: I'm becoming increasingly disinterested.

Noah And The Whale - Last Night On Earth: Another great summer time releaxing album.

Nightmares For a Week - Don't Die: I hope this band doesn't die before putting out the great album I think it's capable of.

4.12.2011 |

Mumford And Sons - Sigh No More: One could do much, much worse if they are looking for a little poppy folk in their lives.

4.11.2011 |

Mountain Man - Grief: More avant garde, but less compelling.

Mountain Man - One: Solid follow-up to an angry and loud demo.

Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck: My favorite since Sunset Tree, but not as captivating.

Most Serene Republic - Fantasick Impossibliss: Radiohead meets BSS in perfectly-long EP form.

Ella Mae Morse - Rocks: Simple and effective, but hardly rocks. Proto-rocks maybe.

4.08.2011 |

Jimmy Eat World - Invented: I'm still a sucker for melody.

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