10.09.2004 | Review(s): Lauryn Hill, The Hives, Betchadupa, Green Day, Brian Wilson, Cave In x3

Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill: I understand why it is so praised, but it just doesn't do it for me.

The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives: Did you like Veni, Vidi, Vicious? (yes) Do you like The Clash? (yes) You'll like this. (I do)

Betchadupa - 3DEP/Betchadupa/Flying Nun Comp Tracks/Sleepy News/Supa Day: If this is the best that Australia has to offer, we might as well blow Australia up (after we rescue Matt Billingsly).

Green Day - American Idiot: More than I ever expected from a Green Day album, but less than I expect out of a truely amazing album. It is very solid and I will be purchasing it and I will be listening to it again.

Brian Wilson - SMiLE: Everything you'd want and wouldn't want in an album that took 35 years to complete. Far too many layers of texture to adequately judge on a single listen.

Cave-In - Antenna: Take away all the distortion, layering, pyschadelia and inovation of The Mars Volta and you'd have this.

Cave-In - Until Your Heart Stops: I appreciate the initiative of trying to do something more with the genre of metal, but I don't appreciate it when it's LAME.

Cave-In - Epicenter/Botch Split/Tides Of Tomorrow:I cannot stand the vocal delivery of this band whatsoever.

10.04.2004 | Review(s): Ghost, The Gits, Woody Guthrie

Ghost - Hypnotic Underworld: You'll be bored before you find anything rewarding.

The Gits - Frenching The Bully: Female fronted 'punk' that brings comparisons to the Gorilla Biscuits (vocals) and Three Doors Down (music), but in the end, all of the songs run together and seem to lose focus.

Woody Guthrie - Dust Bowl Ballads: This disc puts into perspective the genius of Bob Dylan.

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