6.20.2007 | Neglected Bloggerly Duties

Extremely busy week at work.
Getting married on 6/30.
Honeymoon until 7/8.
Another busy week at work.
First new review? 7/16 or 7/23.

6.18.2007 | Review: Bark Psychosis - Codename:Dustsucker

Upon first listen this was a very frustrating album by this sometimes-instrumental (post-)rock band as there were times when I really thought they were onto something and others that I couldn't figure out why I thought I like them. I'll put it this way; if all of my songs were on shuffle, I'd likely hit the next track whenever they came on.

  • Stream From What Is Said To When It's Read and 400 Winters
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  • 6.15.2007 | Review: Two Gallants - The Scenery of Farewell:

    Upon first listen this acoustic EP is the perfect thing to tide me over until a new full length release.

  • Stream Seems Like Home To Me
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  • 6.14.2007 | Review: Fairweather - If The Move...Kill Them:

    Upon first listen this pop-punk album is one of those great summer driving records.

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  • 6.13.2007 | Review: Dark Meat - Universal Indians:

    Upon first listen this is a very frustrating listen. One minute I'm loving the hippie-festival folk and the next I'm bored. Certainly requires more listens.

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  • 6.12.2007 | Review: Be Your Own Pet - 2006 - Be Your Own Pet:

    Upon first listen I enjoyed this album much more than I would have normally due to their excellent set they put on opening for the Arctic Monkeys a few weeks back. Either way it's still pretty good Sonic Youth meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs noise rock.

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  • 6.11.2007 | Review: The Cure - Seventeen Seconds:

    Upon first listen I get the increasing impression that The Cure may be a singles and headphones type of band.

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  • 6.08.2007 | Review: The Veils - Nux Vomica:

    Upon first listen the depression-woe-is-me feel comes across as a bit forced but it's still a pretty decent pop-rock record.

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  • 6.07.2007 | Review: Travis - The Boy With No Name:

    Upon first listen it's good to see that brit-pop isn't dead but disheartening to see it played so safe.

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  • 6.06.2007 | Review: Operation Ivy - Energy:

    Upon first listen I had never given this band a chance growing up. As all of my friends were transitioning from punk to ska I ridiculed them for the horns they were now dancing to. Despite being more punk than ska, I lumped Operation Ivy in with this crowd and ignored them until now. Either the music doesn't hold up or it was never that good at all, either way I'm disappointed by the legendary status that they have received over the years.

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  • 6.05.2007 | Review: Joanna Newsom and the Ys Street Band - EP:

    Upon first listen every time I listen to Ms. Newsom I realize how I had forgotten how magical she can sound. This EP is no exception and a wonderful compliment to her last album.

  • Download Crab, Clam, Cockle Cowrie (via The Daily Growl
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  • 6.04.2007 | Review: Manchester Orchestra - I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child:

    Upon first listen it's poppier than orchestral but it's a solid debut for this pop-rock-with-punky-undertones band.

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  • 6.01.2007 | Review: Bob Dylan Parody - Dylan Hears A Who:

    Upon first listen this ingenius idea for a parody should be amazing. Sadly, Kevin Ryan (the brainchild of this adventure) picks Seuss stories that are a bit long and wear down the patience of the listener.

  • Stream Green Eggs And Ham, Too Many Daves and Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
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