1.19.2015 | Lawrence Arms - Metropole: Less than a stand out, more than a fill in.

Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull: Stadium rock that can be skipped.

Kay Dot - Hubardo: Greatness from a hit-or-miss band.

Joan Jett - Unvarnished: Meh from beginning to end.

Into It. Over It. - Intersections: Good, but not as much as Proper.

1.16.2015 | Into It. Over It. - Proper: Does not do the live show justice.

I Am The Avalanche - Wolverines: Nothing unexpected.

Hotelier - Home, Like NoPlace Is There: Great first track makes way for good rest of the album.

1.09.2015 | Tony Molina - Dissed And Dismissed: So simple, so great.

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