Review: Dungen - Tio Bitar:

Upon first listen it lacks that magical element that Ta Det Lungt had and while it's still enjoyable it's not amazing.

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  • 5.30.2007

    Review: Brand New x2

    Brand New - Your Favourite Weapon: Upon first listen this album was buried behind the Saves the Days, Get Up Kids and Taking Back Sundays for no good reason. While it likely doesn't eclipse those bands, it compliments them well.

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    Brand New - Deja Entendu: Upon first listen this effort is far more focused than their debut and it begins to get easier to see why they have such a horde of loyal fans.

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  • 5.29.2007


    Review: Dinosaur Jr - Beyond:

    Upon first listen this is the first time I've listened to Dinosaur Jr outside of the bits from 1981: The Year Punk Broke and I have to say that once you turn the volume up it is a very satisfying listen. It's too bad that bands like Nickelback are our rock heroes because there is no reason bands like Dinosaur Jr couldn't be.

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  • 5.24.2007


    Review: The Clientele - God Save The Clientele:

    Upon first listen I don't think I realized how much this band sounds like The Beatles when I listened to Strange Geometry. With that being said, I think this one is a better album and more enjoyable from start to finish.

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  • 5.22.2007

    Review: The National - Boxer:

    Upon first listen it's pretty standard fare for The National, but where their previous effort managed to grab the listener, this one does not. More likely is that it takes more than just one listen to appreciate what they do.

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  • 5.21.2007

    Review: Various - La Vie En Rose Official Motion Picture Soundtrack:

    Upon first listen this is one of the best soundtracks I have heard in a long time. This despite, or in spite of the fact that's almost entirely in French.

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  • 5.18.2007

    Review: Bjork - Volta:

    Upon first listen this wasn't the electropop album I was expecting based on the pre-release buzz, but then again, that's likely a good thing. Most of the songs are hit or miss with the slower, more intimate songs being better and the production-heavy songs feeling out of place.

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  • 5.17.2007

    Review: Talking Heads - Fear of Music:

    Upon first listen this is certainly their darkest, slowest and most straightforward release (thus far) and has its moments but doesn't grab me the way the first two albums did.

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  • 5.16.2007

    Review: Patti Smith - Twelve:

    Upon first listen this is certainly interesting to listen to once, but likely not to be revisited unless you make a lot of mix CDs.

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  • 5.15.2007

    Review: Wilco - Sky Blue Sky:

    Upon first listen this is a pop record and certainly not what I expected from Tweedy and Co. after A Ghost is Born.

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  • 5.14.2007

    Review: Brandi Carlile - The Story:

    Upon first listen this is leaps and bounds
    better than her debut, but I have to agree with one of my co-workers;
    she's got a great album in her, but this just isn't it.

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  • 5.11.2007

    Review: Various - Petrol Present The Greatest Songs Ever Series Sampler:

    Upon first listen this collection has 2 tracks from each region of the upcoming aforementioned series. I can't say that I can recommend any of the regions unless I hear more, but from what I did hear, they're all at least interesting.

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  • 5.10.2007

    Review: Master P - Ghetto D 10th Anniversary Edition:

    Upon first listen there are some great tracks on here. But only about 10 of the 19, making for a longer-than-necessary listen.

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  • 5.09.2007

    Review: Jethro Tull - The Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull:

    Upon first listen I can't help but believe that this wouldn't be better reviewed by someone more familiar with the source material. That being said, it did make me interested in exploring their other work. Hopefully, it retains the fantasy, gypsy-esque qualities that I liked so much.

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  • 5.07.2007

    Review: Jerry Lee Lewis - Last Man Standing:

    Upon first listen, this duet album full of covers is a necessary listen for Jerry Lee Lewis fans and likely so of fans of his duet partner. But for the more casual listener, it's interesting to listen to once but likely won't get played again.

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  • 5.04.2007

    Review: Various - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell:

    Upon first listen this is worth a listen if only for the covers by Sufjan Stevens and Bjork. The rest of them are still good, just not great.

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  • 5.03.2007

    Review: McCarthy Trenching - McCarthy Trenching:

    Upon first listen this let's-get-drunk style country album leaves a bit to be desired as I don't hear the passion and intensity I was expecting.

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  • 5.01.2007

    Review: Feist - The Reminder:

    Upon first listen I'd like to issue my own reminder about how much really great music there is out there and that this sadly isn't.

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