2.21.2012 |

Tom Waits - Bad As Me: It is official, I need more Tom Waits in my life.

Taylor Swift - Fearless: I hated almost all of this, but wanted to like it.

2.20.2012 |

She And Him - Christmas: Not going to supplant anything I would normally listen to.

2.16.2012 |

Samhain - November-Coming-Fire: Good, but not as engaging as his other bands.

The Roots - undun: Cannot wait to devour the rest of their catalog.

Roll The Tanks - Goodnight, Jimmy Lee: Looking forward to the new full length!

On The Rise - Burning Inside: Perfectly adequate youth crew meets pop punk album.

2.15.2012 |

No Turning Back - Holding On: Fairly generic hardcore.

2.14.2012 |

New Found Glory - Radiosurgery: If possible, this is their poppiest album yet.

2.13.2012 |

The Misfits - Casket Box: I now understand, and appreciate, the fanaticism surrounding these guys.

2.11.2012 |

Miles Away - Endless Roads: One of the most consistently listenable hardcore albums I have heard in a while.

Mastodon - The Hunter: Heavy without being hard, mellow without being cheesy.

2.07.2012 |

Into It. Over It. - Proper: Makes me miss Piebald.

I Am The Avalanche - Avalanche United: Far from unique, but extremely enjoyable.

2.06.2012 |

Holy Fever - EP: Looking forward to a full length.

H2O - Don't Forget Your Roots: Hit-or-miss collection, but any H2O is better than nothing.

2.05.2012 |

Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down: No doubt who is singing, but with a band that or cohesive and does not feel tacked on.

2.04.2012 |

First Blood - Demo: Virtually indistinguishable from a dozen other heavy, throat-screaming bands.

The Falcon - Unicornography: Sometimes enjoyable, but ultimately grating.

The Falcon - God Don't Make No Trash: Songs custom made for singing along.

2.03.2012 |

Elbow - Builds A Rocket Boys: Grab your good headphones, turn up the volume and just drift away.

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