10.29.2009 |

Duke Spirit - Neptune: Wouldn't listen to again. Unless Travis Shettel (Piebald) has a more active role.

10.20.2009 |

Heartless Bastards - The Mountain: Excellent classic rock-infused album. For (older) fans of Kings Of Leon.

Hazen St - Hazen St: A little cheesy in its delivery. Still worthy of a second listen.

10.16.2009 |

Ducky Boys - War Back Home: No doubt that it's The Duck Boys. Brings me back 10 years, to a time more simple.

10.14.2009 |

Hatebreed - For The Lions: Unfamiliarity with the source material makes it easier to enjoy, harder to appreciate.

10.09.2009 |

Handsome Furs - Face Control: I have tried and failed, again, at really like Handsome Furs. Adequate, just not extraordinary.

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest: Sometimes, like this one, an album lives up to the hype.

10.08.2009 |

Grateful Dead - American Beauty: Endlessly catchy '70s pop/rock that defies their stereotype.

Sebastien Grainger - And The Mountains: Solid collection of songs as he tries to find his sound in a post-DFA1979 world.

10.07.2009 |

Dr. Dre - The Chronic: Singles still hold up, but the rest is pretty hit-or-miss. Still a classic album.

Get Up Kids - Eudora: Only necessary for diehard fans and completists.

10.06.2009 |

Get Up Kids - The EPs: Good enough to be appended on their LPs as bonus tracks.

Jerry Garcia - Garcia Plays Dylan: I could do without the 6 minute jams in the middle of each song, but then, I guess, that's Jerry Garcia.

10.05.2009 |

Serge Gainsbourg - Historie de Melody: Not sure where to begin. Avant garde and sleep-inducing, both because it's entirely in French.

Jim Gaffigan - King Baby: Non-stop laughs. One of the best comedy albums I've ever heard.

Doves - Kingdom Of Rust: It's almost as if The Doves can do no wrong.

10.04.2009 |

Future Of The Left - Travels With Myself And Another: Great post-punk and a huge improvement over their debut, but not without faults.

Fugazi - Demo: Poor sound quality makes for a frustrating and unconvincing listen.

10.03.2009 |

Franz Ferdinand -Tonight: Unfortunately catchy and upbeat. Lucid Dreams aside.

10.02.2009 |

Tom Frampton - ...As Marion Delgado: Best songs are when he's being someone else (Bright Eyes imitation and Mountain Goats cover).

Ben Folds - University A Capella: Cool idea, well executied. More compelling when familiar with source material.

10.01.2009 |

Ben Folds - Stems And Seeds: Demos, throwaways and alternate versions of Way To Normal tracks. Only for diehard fans.

Fiery Furnaces - I'm Going Away: Adequate return to form, but lacking the catchiness and cohesion of Blueberry Boat.

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