3.13.2004 | Review(s): The Beatles

The Beatles - Acoustic Submarine: Everything you'd expect from a collection of acoustic Beatles songs. Some better, some worse, some on par with their original counterparts.

3.06.2004 | Review(s): The Easybeats

The Easybeats - Aussie Beat That Shook The World: The Definitive Anthology: "Hey man, let's rip off a ton of good bands [ed. namely The Beatles and The Kinks] and convince everyone we're unique cause we're from Australia." Wow, to be around when drugs made things like that seem logical...

3.04.2004 | Review(s): Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson - SMiLE (Live on 02/20/04): I wish I would have borrowed one of the umpteen bootlegs Jared has of this before listening. It makes me want a fleshed out studio version, and I don't even care for the Beach Boys.

3.02.2004 | Review(s): Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse - The Grey Album: In what was easily the most promising and anticipated album of the year (and perhaps the last few years) I find the sum of the whole to be inferior to both pieces of the puzzle.

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